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UC Riverside News: Doctors can now watch spinal cord activity during surgery <Link to the page>


Shirley Ryan AbilityLab: Meet our project awardees that were selected to receive funding as part of the Center for Smart Use of Technology to Assess Real-World Outcomes (C-STAR) Pilot Project Program.

<Link to the page>


UC Riverside News: UCR bioengineer tackles chronic back pain <Link to the page>


Lifewire - Tech for humans journal: Brain Research Could Help Scientists Create New Kinds of AI—Here's How <Link to the page>

Highlights of fUS Brain 2022 meeting in Corsica, France: fUS can predict the state of the spinal cord within a single trial with high accuracy, with potential applications to patients with chronic back pain

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Caltech News: Reading Minds with Ultrasound: A Less-Invasive Technique to Decode the Brain's Intentions <Link to the page>

Science Magazine: Ultrasound reads monkey brains, opening new way to control machines with thought <Link to the page>

SingularityHub: How Scientists Used Ultrasound to Read Monkeys' Minds <Link to the page>

UC Riverside: Ultrasound mind reading machine could improve assistive robotics  <Link to the page>


Caltech News: How the Brain Learns New Skills <Link to the page>

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