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Our lab owns the first and only fully-featured commercial acquisition system Iconeus One (Iconeus, Paris, France) to acquire fUS images. The scanner is equipped with a 128 elements linear array probe, with 15 MHz center frequency, 0.1 mm pitch that can generate fUS images with spatial resolution of 100 μm × 100 μm in-plane, a slice thickness of 400 μm, field of view (FOV) 10 mm x 14 mm (depth and width) and maximum penetration depth of about 25 mm. Each 2D image (i.e., Doppler signal ) are obtained from 200 compounded frames acquired at 500 Hz frame rate, using 11 tilted plane waves separated by 2° (i.e., from -10° to +10° increment by 2°) acquired at a 5500 Hz pulse repetition frequency (PRF). The system is also equipped with an M.2 SSD hard drive, connected in NVMe (PCIe Gen 3 x4), with a writing speed of 1.7GB/s. Hence, it is capable of handling long time of recordings. Importantly, the acoustic amplitudes and intensities of the fUS sequence remain below the Food and Drug Administration limitations for ultrasonic diagnostic imaging (FDA, 510k, Trace 3).

Example of Ultrafast fUS image acquired by Iconeus One
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